• InstaNatural Hyaluronic Acid Oil Free Moisturizer, Hydrating Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Witch…

    Great for Oil Free Moisture – Our face moisturizer provides lightweight hydration to balance and nourish the skin. This silicon free face lotion is designed to reduce the signs of excess oil and shine, while working to balance the skin for a long-term reduction in oil production and breakouts. Our formula features Witch Hazel, a powerful ingredient that helps balance the skin’s oil production, while soothing signs or redness and irritation.
    Fight Blemishes, Blackheads & Breakouts – Our Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer contains both Prebiotics and Probiotics. These ingredients work together to support and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while improving overall clarity, radiance and smoothness. Our facial lotion formula is also made with Willow Bark, a natural source of salicylic acid that supports healthy cell renewal for clear skin and minimized pores.
    Brighten & Protect Your Skin – Hyaluronic Acid, Prebiotics and Probiotics are combined to improve the skin’s barrier health. Our moisturizer for face is also made with Vitamin C, an ingredient that helps brighten, tone and tighten the appearance of skin, while decreasing signs of aging and supports collagen production.

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